Corporate site for the metalworking company.

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Корпоративный сайт для компании металоообработка
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Corporate site for the metalworking company.

We have made two corporate sites for this company, the first completely from scratch, the second full redesign, with content. A classic corporate site with modal windows, partners, and many sections. The company is engaged not only in metal processing but also in the manufacture of parts. After the redesign with new pictures, the site came out in a more better. You can find out all the necessary information about the activities of the company, see the catalog of products in the gallery, and order something metallic.



Need a simple corporate website? We are ready to do it quickly and inexpensively. Describe the details in a letter or call, after that we will see, evaluate and create your project. Today even the smallest company needs an information resource on the internet, there is a website, there are more customers.

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