Creating an educational portal

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Образовательный портал сайт
Сообщество репетиторов, поиск учебных заведений

Creating an educational portal

On this site has been done a much work, the list is short like:

  • layout design site
  • MySQL database is designed for the site
  • created admin panel to manage the site
  • separate private rooms for tutors and companies.
  • mailing letters
  • search for tutors by various criteria
  • search for educational courses from companies
  • imported database of cities from 4 countries.
  • blog articles with categories, tags
  • the possibility of adding tutors, companies, courses
  • search of all higher educational institutions of Ukraine is an educational portal. The site contains a lot of functionality. The idea of ​​this project is community of tutors,  educational board, place where you can find a tutor and educational courses. Now we continue to improve and implement new features. The site is made on the framework Laravel. The development of functionality was made gradually, with the analysis of similar projects from competitors. The result was an Internet portal on education, now the site is filled with materials, tutors register there their profiles, education companies create the pages of their courses, write articles. We continue to improve and refine this project.


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And of course, according to tradition today, a quote about education

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