Contemporary Ukrainian art, creation a big site.

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Разработка сайта о искусстве митец
Создание сайта о художниках

Contemporary Ukrainian art, creation a big site.

The first version of the site was written on some self-writed cms engine and there was a task to transfer it including all the old materials, there were about 1000 of them on cms wordpress. We started working with studying the old version of the site, then a small program was written that converted the data from the old base into the base with the wordpess structure.

When the base of the new site was filled with materials, they started creating the frontend and adding new functions, such as a poster, manual selection of materials on the topic, adding new headings, sections.

It was very interesting project, since art is very close to me.  The site has a lot of videos, scenes from exhibitions, interviews with Ukrainian artists. You can always find current events at them.


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And finally, about art from Richard Wagner

Art ceases to be art as soon as our consciousness begins to perceive it as art.

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