Site of the artist, dancer. Anna Whirling

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Создание сайта артиста, танцовщицы
Сайт для артиста, акртисы, танцора

Site of the artist, dancer. Anna Whirling

Development of the personal site of the artist, dancer Annie Whirling. The site is a place where all the most necessary, interesting information will be collected: upcoming performances, video-photo materials, projects, contacts. The site is created in bright colors. Since the site’s author main pages are located on facebook, widgets are made at the bottom and in the sidebar of the site, where information pulled from facebook. The site is made in three languages, the main English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Anna Whirling is engaged in Sufi circling, goes around the world with performances, projects.


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And finally, a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche

We must consider it lost every day that we did not dance at least once.

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