Startup to create parking services for cars

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Сайт стартап проекта
создание сайта для стартапа

Startup to create parking services for cars

The task to make a website presentation for an international startup project. The site is made in two languages, English and Russian. An interesting project that provides for the creation of parking spaces for bicycles that are underground. It is planned to create such systems in European countries, on the pages of the site in general, everything is described in more detail.

The site itself is small, about 10 pages, with a large slider on all pages. It is convenient to give a link to a potential partner or investor in order to understand what the idea of ​​the project is.

  • Editing layout
  • Installation on cms
  • Filling the site with materials
  • Creation of two languages ​​functionality
  • Mobile version setup
  • Installation on the server


Project address

If you need a small online business card site, for the presentation of your project, company, ideas write to us. We choose a suitable layout, or make a design from scratch, install it on a convenient platform with an admin panel where you can easily edit all pages, and all this for not a lot of money.

And at the end of a quote from Richard Bach

Even the most beautiful and powerful idea is completely useless until we decide to use it.

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