The site of the company Legran. Forged products.

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сайт компании кованных изделий
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The site of the company Legran. Forged products.

Was created a small website for the company that work with forged products and metal processing. The site is small, six pages contain all the basic information about the company. There are action buttons that open modal windows, at the bottom of each page and a map of company contacts. For a small company, this is an optimal website that is quickly and inexpensively made to content all the needs of the client in company information. If after some time it becomes necessary to add sections, it will be possible to do it very simply.


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A small corporate website is a online business card for a company that will completely satisfy the company’s need for an internet resource at first. If you need such a site, write to us. It is done quickly, and the creation and hosting of such a site are inexpensive. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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