The site portfolio of the artist’s. Nina Murashkina.

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Создание сайта для художника
Сайт портфолио художника

The site portfolio of the artist’s. Nina Murashkina.

Created a site portfolio  for Ukrainian artist Nina Murashkina. The design was created. We made a layout from design and installed it on a content management system. The main sections of the site, of course, works of the artist, and projects in other areas of visual art. The sections of the site are divided into sub-sections, for example, going in work, we see sections of graphics, painting, performance. The site also provides a blog, store, publications in the press. The site is created in two languages, English and Russian. The design is made so called a reverser when the background color is darker than the text.


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We specialize in portfolio sites for artists, designers, musicians. Need a website for your portfolio? Communicate to us, we will be glad to cooperate, discuss what and how you want to do, how you see your site, we will implement it as soon as possible.

And lastly, according to tradition, a quote from famous people. We considered the site of the artist and the quote will of course be about art )

Art is jealous: it requires that a person surrender to him completely. Michelangelo Buonarroti.

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