Website for printing photos paintings on glass. MiPrint.

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сайт печать фото картин
печать картин на стекле

Website for printing photos paintings on glass. MiPrint.

The company is engaged in printing paintings on glass. We created for her a site with the necessary functionality. The main functionality on the frontend of the site is the ability to upload your image, crop it and form an order with all required fields.

The site has a unique functionality, so the Laravel framework was chosen for its creation. The admin panel was also created from scratch; it has the ability to view, filter orders, change statuses, send messages to clients. With the customer, we discussed the functionality during the construction site and found the right solutions. Sending letters to customers for various events, changes in the status of their orders, directly from the admin panel, which reduced costs as third-party services for sending letters were not so cheap.

Very interesting project turned out. I was glad to work on it. If someone needs a great picture on the glass, please contact us for a site)

In short, what was done by the points:

  • layout design site.
  • MySQL database is designed for the site
  • admin panel is written from scratch to manage sites with different filtering of orders, users
  • ability to change all the necessary information from the admin
  • added a trimming module for the loaded image when placing an order
  • checks, tips when ordering
  • order payment in the service LiqPay
  • import the necessary information from the database into xml files


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