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Сайт портфолио художника
Создание сайта для художника

Website portfolio, artist, designer Michel Demiurge

Creating portfolio sites is always very interesting. You immerse in life, in a person’s creativity, looking and selecting his work, deciding together what and how best to do. That’s why the creation of sites for creative people I always love, it inspires.

Creating a portfolio site for a Ukrainian artist, designer Mikhail Zablodsky, we decided how best to organize the structure of sections, sub-sections, since the author works in different directions. Near any work there is a button to buy, there the visitor to the site can fill in the data and the artist will receive a message who wants to buy what work. Also on the site is an big blog about art, the author constantly adds interesting articles, so who wants to learn about Claude Monet, antiquity, modernity and many more things you can read.


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If you decide to make your website portfolio, we will be happy to assist you in the implementation. Email us or call. Together we will discuss what you want to see the site and find the best solution.

And finally, of course, a quote and of course about art.

Penetration into that which occurs in a fit of illumination is the basis of art. Adam Mickiewicz

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